• James Levett

    Wake up feeling Gorgeous! Weekdays from 7am.

  • Adam Craig

    Taking you home with feel good music, and the latest sports and showbiz gossip, weekdays from 4-7pm.

  • Bally Singh

    The Category is… with Bally Singh, every Monday from 7-9pm.

  • Christine Loch

    Playing a mix of alternative punk and rock music from LGBT+ artists, Sundays from 7-9pm.

  • Craig Dane

    Craig Dane has the feel good music, news stories of today and celebrity gossip!

  • Daniel Westwood

    Dan keeps you entertained with all the latest tunes and exclusive interviews, every Saturday from 1-4pm.

  • Darryl Williams

    All the latest Rnb & Hip Hop, Monday nights from 9pm - midnight.

  • David Horton

    Supplying you with all things Eurovision, Sunday nights from 9pm - midnight.

  • Daz Stokes

    Playing all the Musical, film and feel good tunes for a Sunday afternoon from 1-4pm.

  • DJ RVP

    DJ RVP has the soundtrack to the weekend with the Friday night warm up from 7-9pm.

  • Ethan James

    Your weekly fix of electronic dance music, every Thursday from 9pm - midnight.

  • Ethan Kumar

    Ethan takes you through Sunday mornings with feel good music, from 10am-1pm.

  • Jordan Cable

    Jordan Cable gets you over the mid-week hump, every Wednesday from 9-11pm!

  • Mike Opel

    It's your weekly dose of RnB & deep cuts, every Thursday from 7-9pm.

  • Raichel Corbett

    Taking you through Saturday afternoon, every week from 1-4pm!

  • Ricardo

    It's the Rewind Show, playing your favourite decade hits, every Wednesday from 7-9pm.

  • Russ Dyer

    Playing all your favourite 80s, 90s & Naughty's, Russ Dyer on a Sunday from 4-7pm.

  • Shaun K

    With the latest LGBTQ+ stories and 2 cheesy songs every hour, weekdays from 1-4pm.

  • Sharlie Morais

    Join Sharlie Morais for all the latest chart toppers and feel good music, from 10am - 1pm.

  • Good Vibes Only with James Xander

    Showcasing the hottest emerging DJ's from around the UK, every Saturday from 9pm - midnight.

  • WKND Trigger

    Putting the fun into your Saturday, with Adam, Lizzie & Daniel every week from 4-6pm.

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